‘A true diva is graceful and talented, strong and fearless,  brave and someone with humility.’

/ Beyonce / 


DIVA DARK GIN  was originally distilled for DIVA, the diamond museum in Antwerp, Belgium.  Next to traditional botanicals such as juniper, cardamom, lemon grass and ginger, its unique recipe includes the  seeds of the Carob tree, which was used by the Ancient Greeks to weigh diamonds. One ‘carob’ or one ‘carat’ as we say today, still equals 0.2 grams.

What makes DIVA GIN unique

  • 100% Antwerp gin, artisanal distilled according to the ‘London Dry Gin’ method.
  • A character like a diamond: rough, robust, yet vivacious and refined.
  • The carob as an ingredient gives the gin an unforgettable and unique touch.
  • Diva Dark has a soft floral nose with vegetal notes and aromas of cereals and vanilla.
  • Pretty modest in flavor, but once in the mouth and certainly in the aftertaste a gin with the necessary power.
"A diva is someone who is a perfectionist, who does her best in her craft." 

/  patti labelle  /